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Ours Is Making Global Money Transfers Easy

We aim to set a precedent in bridging currency borders by streamlining the process of sending and settling overseas payments, powered by continuous innovations in transparency, security, and cost-efficiency.

It all began with a friend's wedding party London. Adnan Danish, formerly global sales director of HPOT Group and SHDE - Sales & Account Management at STANS, while booking a resort in Spain for the afterparty, was frustrated with the cumbersome process to transfer money overseas. This experience made Adnan realize that international money transfers were neither straight-forward nor cost-effective. Excessive paperwork and multiple touchpoints increased costs and stretched the time taken for end-to-end transfer.

This prompted him to collaborate with Paul Sterling, a close aide and an expert in compliance in Asia, EU, and Europe who shared a vision of making international money transfers as easy as pie. The rest, as they say, is history!

We’re On A Mission...

To Make Your Money Transfer Experience A Smooth One

Our focus is to give our banked and unbanked clients access to financial products through our leading technology platform, thus fueling our growth as the world’s premier cross-border payments firm.

Multi-Currency Payments

iFOGE offers multi-currency payments on its money transfer platform.

For SMBs making regular payments overseas to vendors, suppliers and service providers, can do so quickly, transparently and at Zero-Margin FX Rates with iFOGE.

iFOGE’s multi-currency payments feature enables SMBs to make multiple payments at a time in local currencies to recipients in 55+ countries.

With the ability to set up multiple transactions in one go, a business user can make transfers to multiple beneficiaries in multiple currencies at the click of a button.